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This blog helps you to learn tarot by providing easy poems to memorize meanings and shows you how to interpret cards in different positions in the spread.  Here is the introduction: Easy way to Learn Tarot. Cards must be interpreted in the light of the question asked by the questioner. The spread tells a personal story and as a reader you must use your intuition to interpret the possible journey of the questioner.

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Tarot Meanings -The Hierophant

Rider Waite Tarot - The Hierophant


The Hierophant


I am the hierophant; I am the head of my sect.

I am here to awaken your spiritual intellect.

Orthodox religion, personal beliefs,

These are the subjects of which I am chief.

Finding meaning to life here on earth:

Death, forgiveness, compassion and birth.

Meeting the Hierophant at number five

Finding the reason that you are alive.


The Hierophant at card number 5 is a traditional, religious man, he is faithful to his belief system, not open to new ideas. He is spiritual and looks to the inner meanings of events around him. This person demands respect, through age and wisdom.

Most books on tarot do not give you many tips on how to interpret the card in different positions. Here are some ideas on how to interpret "The Hierophant' in different positions using the traditional Celtic Cross spread.

Card number one, Present Position:  the questioner is in a spiritual phase, questioning the meaning of life, learning from experience.

Card number two, Immediate Influence:  the questioner is being influenced by someone who is deeply religious, traditional or spiritual

Card Number 3 - Goal or Destiny  - The questioner is hoping to become more spiritual and focussed on the meaning of life or would like to become more religious.

Card number four,  Distant Past Foundation: many years ago, the questioner was religious or traditional or was influenced by a strong person with traditional beliefs

Card number 5, Recent Past Events: the questioner has met someone who is traditional and religious or has recently adopted those values.

Card number 6, Future Influence: the questioner will become more spiritual, traditional or religious or meet someone who has those characteristics.

Card Number 7, The Questioner: the questioner has the characteristics of the hierophant.

Card Number 8, Environmental Factors: there is someone or something in the questioner's life who has the characteristics of the hierphant.

Card Number 9, Inner Emotions: the questioner wants to be more introspective and examine the meaning of life.

Card Number 10: Final Result: the hierophant in this position may mean that the questioner has succeeded in becoming more religious or spiritual.

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I realised that different people have different relationships with dream symbols based on experience, their daily lives and culture. A person who keeps snakes will have a different interpretation of a snake dream to a person who has a fear of snakes.

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