Dream about losing your clothes
Dream about Painting

Meditation for Healing

If you would like to do something positive to make the world a better place, you may want to try a healing meditation. Beginners may want to use my guided meditation below.

To start out, it is important to get comfortable. Take some deep breaths to relax and release tension from your body. Then take your mind to somewhere beautiful, peaceful and calm. Keep breathing and when you are relaxed enough, start to drift upwards towards the sky, soar with the birds, surf with the clouds and gather energy from the sun. You have limitless power and energy to project to the earth. Send your positive energy down to the houses, the towns the people. Keep breathing and harnessing the sun energy to keep you strong. When you are ready, you can float like a leaf in the breeze back to your beautiful place on the earth. Some more deep breaths and your work is done!

Be kind!

The music in this video is: Scenes from Meditation, Claire Courchene and Colin Boyd.


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