What does my dream mean?
Dream about rocks

Dream about blood

What does my dream mean?

This is my dream interpretation blog where I describe a dream and interpret it.

In this weeks dream the dreamer is walking around barefoot and she steps on a pencil sharpener. The sharpener cuts into her big toe and she has to pull the blade out. She pulls the blade out and blood spurts everywhere, she grabs some paper towels and tries to stop the bleeding but it is too bad. Some of her co-workers are trying to help her and she speaks to her manager but he does not realise how serious the problem is.  She looks down at her toe and it is split in half.

Blood: represents vitality, life and hope, the thing that keeps us alive. Losing blood is a sign that life is flowing away. Menstrual blood is a sign of fertility for a woman but it all depends on the blood.

Walking Barefoot: This can be interpreted in many ways, it could be a symbol of not having money for shoes, or that you are connecting with mother earth, It can also signify changes in you professional life, if the walk was comfortable it will be easy to adapt if not the changes may be painful.

Pencil Sharpener: Pencils in a dreams can mean that a person needs to sharpen their life skills, but a pencil sharpener can also mean that it is time to write something. 

Toes: Toes help us to balance and walk, so a problem with toes may mean that it is difficult to create balance in life. An injured toe can mean that there is some damage done to property or your relationships.

Today's dream means that the dreamer is at work and there are many changes that put her off balance. She sees her life flowing away and feels injured, she seeks help but it is ineffective and she knows that she must leave to get out of this situation. She should consider becoming a writer.

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Main blog page: What does my dream mean?

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