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The Year of Living Kindly - Kind Woman Blog - Kind Hair Conditioner

This is my blog about living kindly being kind to others, being kind to myself and kind to the environment. I do not always get things right, I am a work in progress but writing this blog helps and reminds me to continue my quest for kindness. Being kind makes me happy!

This week I went shopping at Lush, a new store opened in Mall at Millenia in Orlando so I went to check it out. I have been using Lush products for about the last 5 years. Since the beginning of this year my aim has been to drastically cut down on the number of products that I purchase in plastic containers. Lush has a range of products that are more or less packaging free.

I usually just rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar but I needed some hair conditioner to use after I henna my hair. I was delighted to find that lush has produced some solid hair conditioners that look like bars of soap -I purchased the coconut oil and sea salt bar. I hope that it will work for me. The reviews are mixed :)

Big Conditioner by Lush

Products without plastic!!  There are also solid deodorants, shower gel and shampoo with no plastic containers from Lush.

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Dream Meaning - Alligators, Crocodiles and Caiman

What does my dream mean?

This is my dream meaning blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and finally come up with a dream meaning. Here is my dream interpretation blog, where I explore dream meanings.

In today's dream our dreamer dreams that she sees an alligator but her companions tell her that it is a Caiman.

Alligators, crocodiles and caimans symbolise danger, these predators are sneaky and ready to attack. You have to be alert to people close to you who may be ready to attack or deceive you. These reptiles are interchangeable in meaning, you are more likely to dream about the reptile that you are most familiar with. They are all members of the same family, the caiman is smaller and has sharper teeth, both the alligator and caiman have wider heads than crocodiles. This probably doesn't make much difference in a dream interpretation, you are in danger of being savaged by a mean beast!

To dream of alligators attacking others is a sign that you may escape the worst of a problem in your environment but may feel either lucky or guilty for having escaped.

To dream about hiding from an alligator is a sign that you are aware of the dangers around you and are taking steps to protect yourself.

To dream of attacking an alligator is a sign that you are tackling a problem head on,  great strength will be needed for you to succeed. The result of the attack will give you a clue as to how successful you will be in solving the problem. 

In today's dream our dreamer is criticised for not knowing the difference between an alligator and a caiman. This is a sign that the people around her are apt to criticise. Our dreamer is looking at the big picture a crocodilian is about to attack and she wants to be ready. The dreamers companions are more concerned with small details like the length of the tail of the attacker. Our dreamer needs to be ready for danger and/or deceit and not allow those around her to distract her from making decisions to protect herself.



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