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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - The Upward and Downward Spiral

This is my blog about living kindly, being kinder to the planet to myself and to others. We have all heard of being in a downward spiral, or spiralling towards, defeat and this week felt a little bit like that. It was as if my old bad habits had resurfaced and taken control again and so I started to realise life is a spiral and the momentum can either be up or down.

When I started writing this blog, I was determined to be a better kinder person this year but this week I felt as though I was taking a vacation from kindness, and then laziness set in, and disappointment and frustration at how easy it is to let old habits resurface. Today, I have put the breaks on the downward spiral, it is a spiral of excuses, of not speaking up, of not offering 100% and of not helping people. It is a spiral of unhappiness that will grow and take root in your soul creating misery. Today, it stops, and the spiral rebounds, it climbs and it conquers, there is more effort in going uphill but the view is much better from the summit.

If I can turn this ship around, then you dear reader can do the same. Eliminate all those things that make you feel uncomfortable inside, be careful with your associations, if you belong to a group that is not doing the right thing, you do not have to join in. Be true to yourself and do better, the easy path downwards is the way to sadness and failure. Have the courage to be different to speak out and volunteer to do the right thing. Be supportive of others even if it makes you unpopular, because your harshest critic is yourself. You must please yourself everyone else in your life is temporary. You will live with yourself and die with yourself.

My advice, if you are on the downward spiral, stop, put the brakes on and be brave. It may be tough to find your way back initially but once you gain momentum you will be so happy that you made the decision to do better, to be better and to succeed.

DSCN0212The view is better from the top

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