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The Year of Living Kindly - Kind Woman Blog - Eliminate Plastic Forks

The Year of Living Kindly - Kind Woman Blog - Positive Visualization

This is my blog about living kindly, being kinder to myself, kinder to the planet and kinder to others.

Today I am more positive, I am more excited, I am more focused, I have more time and I can achieve whatever I set out to do. The reason for this is simple, it is because I believe this. I have everything that I want. I know that whatever I focus on I will create. I have job security, I am good at my job and I am surrounded by positive people. I have a wonderful home in a great, quirky town, I spend quality time with my family. I enjoy being creative, I am fit and I love to dance.

I am going to retire to a cottage near the beach, where I will continue to help people, I enjoy my every day existence, the beauty of nature and the world's infinite possibilities. Life is good.

Why did I spend this time writing this? If you are reading this, then you should write your own list. If you are not sure that everything that I said is true, read "Napoleon Hill, 'Think and Grow Rich' " or watch it on Youtube. There are so many good resources to remind you on the infinite possibilities that are available to you. Youtube has many positive thinkers and the resources are free, you could also go to a local library and borrow the books or have the audio books in the car and lsiten on the way to work.

Positive visualisation, order your perfect future today!

I know that what I am saying is true because I can see it, hear it smell it and believe it!


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