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This is my blog about living kindly, being kind to myself, kind to the planet and kind to others. The last few months I have been trying to cut down on my use of plastic, especially single use plastic. Yesterday I spent a happy day at Disney Springs and then I had lunch at Burger Fi in Windermere. However there was something that really bothered me and that was plastic forks!

I know that using plastic forks is not a huge issue in the scale of things but if you count polluting our seas and killing all the fish as a problem, which I do think is a problem, then this needs to be addressed now. Yesterday, I enjoyed a gluten free doughnut from Erin McKenna's Bakery,  it was a gorgeous, sweet sticky doughnut which I ate with a one-use plastic fork.

Later in the day I enjoyed a cruelty free burger, vegetarian, at Burger Fi, (you have to ask for no mayonnaise or cheese to ensure that nothing was tortured for your meal), my burger came in a lettuce sandwich, it was gorgeous but so mucky that I had to use a knife and fork. It would be good if these fast food chains used wooden utensils,(they used to be available to eat fries) or even real knives and forks, that would be the ultimate in re-cycling! Anyway I used a plastic knife and fork and disposed of them, it did not feel good.

Today, I went to Target to the camping section and purchased a couple of Sporks! There are from "Light my Fire" and I will carry them in my purse and use them multiple times, at least that is the plan! I wish they were metal but at least they are light. These Sporks are also available in a 4 pack from Amazon.


Next time, I will take a look at take out drink cups.

IMG_1150(1)Re-useable Spork!

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