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This is my dream interpretation blog where I describe a dream, write about the meanings of the elements of the dream and then create a dream interpretation. Here is my dream interpretation blog, where I explore dream meanings. 

In today's dream, our dreamer dreams that she owns a statue of a deer.  The statue comes to life and turns into a German Shepherd. The dreamer has a pet wolf and the German Shepherd and the Wolf fight. The dreamer is unhappy about this.

Statues in dreams often represent ideals, they often represent the idolisation of an object or person. A statue may be a person who has been put on a pedestal, a statue may be seen as a false idol.

To see a statue come to life in a dream means that something that you had given up on, perhaps a relationship comes back to life. You may be revisiting an old relationship.

Dream meaning deer - deer are usually seen as gentle, agile creatures. A deer would represent the feminine side of a person.

Dream meaning - German Shepherd -these symbolise protection, they are intelligent and often used as police or guard dogs. If you are attacked by a German Shepherd in your dream you are vulnerable and perhaps no-one is taking your side in an argument.

Dream meaning Wolf -dreaming about a wolf may be about your primal or wild urges or it may be about how you work with others if it was part of a pack. See Dreaming about Wolves

So what does today's dream mean?

To dream of a statue of a deer symbolises that this person has put her femininity into an idealistic state. She brings her femininity back to life, perhaps revisiting an old relationship but instead of her reawakening a deer, the relationship turns into a German Shepherd who is protective and fights either with her wild inner instincts, the wolf or with her existing relationships.

This dream is a warning of conflict and perhaps is telling the dreamer to open her eyes and be less idealistic and more realistic in her relationships.



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Dream Interpretations

I started interpreting dreams when I was a teenager. I always had very detailed dreams and would recount them to my friends. One of my boyfriends bought me a dream dictionary and I started to delve into interpretation. Unfortunately, I found that many dreams had elements that were contradictory and so I did not really get a detailed analysis of my dream.

I realised that different people have different relationships with dream symbols based on experience, their daily lives and culture. A person who keeps snakes will have a different interpretation of a snake dream to a person who has a fear of snakes.

Dreams may have symbols that are said to be good omens and then some that are bad omens, understanding the context of the omens will help you to interpret their true meaning for you.

My blog is a series of dreams and interpretations of the elements in each dream to help you to understand how best to interpret your dreams, I am also available to interpret a dream for you. Email me: mysticpolly@yahoo.com, dream interpretations are free!

I organise the dreams by general subject area rather than alphabetically, if you have a question about a dream symbol please email me.

Tarot Readings!

I started reading tarot cards many years ago when I was in college, I was studying business but my real interest has always been in psychology, astrology, tarot and dreams. I waited a long time to pursue tarot reading professionally. I do not understand how tarot cards work or why they work. I do not believe that you need special powers to read the cards but experience and an understanding of the symbols on each card opens the doors to a successful interpretation.

It is a good idea to be in a quiet place to have a tarot reading, to be able to free your mind of distractions and concentrate on an issue that you would like some insight into. Tarot cards can give you insight into situations and things that are happening around the questioner.

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