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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - Compost Benefits

This is my blog about living kindly, being kind to myself, to the planet and to others. Today, I am writing about compost, this is one of the benefits of recycling. I bought a composter at Home Depot about a year ago and since then I have been composting my fruit, vegetable and tea bag waste. Here is my list of benefits of composting.

  1. Nutrient rich soil - no need to buy potting soil when planting.
  2. Less waste -fewer trips to the trash can - fewer days to put the garbage can onto the street. Less waste at the landfill.
  3. New plants - tomatoes, peppers, avocados, pineapples, red cabbage, onions and lettuce. I have had plants from all of these from my compost. Actually, I did not put the pineapples in the compost first, I just planted the tops.

I highly recommend composting, keep a pot in the kitchen to put in all of the kitchen waste and then take it out to the composter once a day. Add a few leaves to the compost and turn each time you add something.



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