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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - Choosing a Plastic Free Juicer

This is my blog about living kindly, being kind to myself, to the planet and to others.  One of my goals for this year was to cut down on the amount of plastic that I use. I usually purchase fruit juice in a plastic bottle, I have looked for glass bottles but those juices are very costly. Living in Florida we have plenty of fresh citrus fruits so I decided to purchase a juicer.

I researched different juicers, I wanted a manual juicer and no plastic. There are many juicers out there and having read the reviews, I decided on a large juicer from "Gourmia". It is large and strong and should last me a lifetime. I have had to change my philosophy from the "throwaway" attitude that I previously held.

I ordered the juicer from Amazon Prime and I am excited!

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