Dream Meaning - Dreaming about a Drone
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Dream Meaning - Dreaming about a UFO

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This is a continuation of the "Drone" dream, the dreamer has attacked and brought down the drone. It is at this point that she realises that the drone contains a small alien being. It is shaken up by her attention to it, she looks overhead and sees an alien craft land on the property and some people come out with stretchers. They are going to take the dreamer and her partner away by force. The alien people explain that they themselves had previously been abducted and it is better to go voluntarily. The people give them 30 minutes to get ready to be abducted they will never be able to return home. The dreamer and her partner spend time trying to decide whether to tell their families that they will be gone for good and wondering what to say.

Dreaming meaning aliens: dreams about aliens are all about being in strange situations where you feel that you do not belong.

Dreaming about being an alien is a sign that you do not fit into your surroundings. You feel out of place or alienated. Perhaps you are living in a foreign country or working in an environment where you feel out of place.

Dreaming about being abducted by aliens is a fear of losing your home or family. You are being taken away from those you love and care about. This can also happen when you marry into a different family or you move house.

Dreaming about people who have become assimilated with aliens -this dream tells you that however strange some people are it is possible to assimilate into an alien group in time. People can join other groups and become confident and comfortable with them and not want to return to life outside of that group. This can be clubs, work groups, family groups or people from other lands.

In today's dream the dreamer, who lives away from people catches an alien on her property. The alien brings in reinforcements in an alien craft. This is telling the dreamer that you are never isolated even if you have space around you, you will interact with others and everyone is connected in a community of some sort. In the dream the dreamer is given the choice to join the aliens and other humans by force or willingly. She decides to join them willingly but then feels really worried about leaving her family behind. The dream is telling her that she has no choice but to join in the new community and it is better to do so willingly, she is losing one family but gaining a new one. The other humans who are in this alien family have settled in and are happy.






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