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This is my blog about being kind, kind to myself, kind to the planet and kind to others. Life is a journey and I am working on becoming a better person. 

At my age, my roots become grey or white every few weeks. I am still at the salt and pepper stage and I do not believe that my hair colour would be flattering if left to it's own devices. This means that every month I dye my hair. I am uncomfortable using chemicals in my hair so I switched to Mehandi.com there are a variety of kits for dyeing hair of all types and colours using ground up plant leaves. The company has expanded it's range and now includes products for African hair.

I originally just used henna on my hair but I found that my hair became darker each time I dyed it. The problem with henna is that once it is on your hair it seems to be impossible to lighten it. If you bleach it, the colour turns orange! I learned to just dye my roots so that the colour does not darken, henna does not fade.

The wonderful thing about natural hair dye is that it makes your hair thick and shiny which is a definite plus. I had been dyeing my hair a vibrant red which gave me red highlights through my grey section but I have switched to a dark blonde mix and I am trying to decide which I prefer. The great thing about hair kits from Mehandi.com is that if you are only dyeing your roots monthly, the kits last for months.

I prepare the dye the day before use because it needs to sit for 6-8 hours. I use a brush to put the dye on my roots. I leave the dye on all night and sleep in a plastic shower cap and head scarf, very glamorous! I then take two baths in the morning to wash the dye out, it is a bit like mud in the hair and very mucky. I then use a conventional conditioner to detangle the hair.

My hair feels soft, shiny and strong!

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