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This is my blog about being kind to the planet, to myself and to others.

On Sunday I went back to the farmer's market in "Vultureville" and this time purchased a juicy looking lettuce and some homemade blueberry acai granola from Lifestyle Treats. I am looking forward to the granola and less excited about lettuce. I then walked over to We're Nuts who have just opened a new location, I had already purchased my nuts for the week so I bought a fresh loaf of french bread.

Vultureville is constantly evolving and a new cafe, recently opened in an older store, the store, "Every Nook and Cranny" has a fresh creative vibe. The cafe offers gluten free and vegan snacks and locally roasted coffee, I enjoyed a delicious almond milk chai with local artist Andrea Lauren. Unfortunately this building was sold and the cafe is now closed.

Back at home with my stomach growling I scanned the internet for a recipe to use my sagging broccoli and spinach left over from last week. I am still training myself to be excited by green veggies! I found a great recipe from "The Flexitarian", Warming Broccoli and Spinach Soup, surprisingly, I had all of the ingredients and proceeded to make soup. The soup came out bright green with added texture of garbanzo beans, it was delicious with the fresh french bread spread with Earth Balance Spread

This week I will attempt to eat healthy foods all week, the holiday chocolates have been consumed and I have avoided the candy aisle at the store. If I am desperate for a treat I have some candied ginger, so let's see how it goes....

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Mural by Tim Parker at Every Nook and Cranny