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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - Hand Wash Dishes

This is my blog about my journey to become a kind woman, kind to myself, kind to the planet and kind to others. 

I always loved the dishwasher, my kids were young and I was cooking every day, it was my favourite appliance, it saved me so much time and the dishes came out really clean. I am now older and my appliance is older too, the dishes do not always shine and I only need to turn it on about every three days. I live in Florida and last year I noticed that cockroaches were regularly getting in my dishwasher to feed. Gross!

I started to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, then I realised that if I was going to do all this work and have to load and unload the machine, why shouldn't I just hand wash the dishes? My problem with washing dishes by hand is that it takes a little longer, I still have to dry them and it takes several minutes for the water to get warm, so I waste a lot of water waiting for it to get hot. I could off course use the kettle.

If I hand wash, I am saving electricity so that is good for the planet although I am not sure which type of dish soap is safest if either of them are, and then there is the packaging, most dish washing soap comes in plastic bottles....I will have to do some more research. The thought of removing a source of food for roaches is good so perhaps they will be less of a pest this year. The kindness experiment continues...


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