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What does my dream mean?

This is my dream interpretation blog where I describe a dream and then interpret it. Here is my dream interpretation blog, where I explore dream meanings. This week my dreamer is a riding a bike...

In this dream the dreamer is riding a bike with a group of other riders, but he is conscious that he does not know where they are going. He keeps asking for directions but no-one helps him. He gets separated from the pack and ends up riding through peoples yards, eventually he is on a road but he cannot turn off because there are deep ditches on either side. The road ends and he comes off the road and lands at a wall covered in grass, he then falls into the ditch.

Dream meaning - riding a bike in a dream can be a positive and pleasurable experience. You may be riding for pleasure and this shows that you are moving through life smoothly, there is balance and you are on the right track.

To dream of falling off a bike or struggling to stay on a bike means that there is no balance in your life, you will need to make changes or learn new skills to restore equilibrium.

To dream of riding a bike while everyone else is passing you in a car, may mean that you are feeling left behind and others have an easier path to get to their destination. If you were riding a bike and everyone else is walking then you are getting to the destination quicker and progressing on your journey. It depends on whether the journey was pleasurable or not.

To dream of riding a broken or damaged bike or bicycle means that you need to do some maintenance or repairs in your life if you wish to continue on your journey. You may need to rethink your life goals and make a fresh start. 

To dream of riding a tricycle, would have similar meanings to those above except you are showing an aversion to risk, you feel secure in being different.

To dream of riding a unicycle -if you are able to balance in your dream, would show that you are able to manage with less than everyone else and that you are more skilled and able to cope with a situation. Dreaming of falling off a unicycle would mean that you need to learn more skills to cope with your current situation, you may not be ready for what life has in store for you.

In today's dream the dreamer started his journey with other people, he was part of the crowd. He starts to feel that the others around him are not helping him and he becomes lost. In his life he has been separated from others with similar interests, because he was unable to communicate with them effectively and he started on his journey or life path without a plan in mind. He becomes lost and does not know how to get his life back on track so he starts encroaching into other people's lives by trespassing on their property even though he did not intend to do this. He thinks that he has found the path back but then it ends and he realises that his life is still off track. He was too scared to turn off his current path because of all the ditches around him. His fear of falling into a rut keeps him on a path that is leading nowhere. When he falls off the path onto a wall covered in grass it does not seem so bad but then he falls into the ditch anyway. The ditch represents being in a rut in life and unable to get out of a groove. This is a warning dream that it is a good idea to have a definite plan or destination in mind when setting off on a journey in life. Without a plan we get lost and the things that we fear, such a getting caught in a rut are more likely to happen when we did not have a goal in mind.



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Dream Interpretations

I started interpreting dreams when I was a teenager. I always had very detailed dreams and would recount them to my friends. One of my boyfriends bought me a dream dictionary and I started to delve into interpretation. Unfortunately, I found that many dreams had elements that were contradictory and so I did not really get a detailed analysis of my dream.

I realised that different people have different relationships with dream symbols based on experience, their daily lives and culture. A person who keeps snakes will have a different interpretation of a snake dream to a person who has a fear of snakes.

Dreams may have symbols that are said to be good omens and then some that are bad omens, understanding the context of the omens will help you to interpret their true meaning for you.

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It is a good idea to be in a quiet place to have a tarot reading, to be able to free your mind of distractions and concentrate on an issue that you would like some insight into. Tarot cards can give you insight into situations and things that are happening around the questioner.

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