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Easy Tarot Reading - The High Priestess

The Priestess


I am the Priestess

Queen of the stillness.

I like to meditate, seek what’s inside

My strong intuition acts as my guide.

With lunar crown and papal robes,

I have no use for normal clothes.

I am a teacher,

But not a preacher.

The female pope at number two,

I can keep a secret from you.

I’m very quiet but not asleep,

Remember still waters run deep.

Tarot Readings!

I started reading tarot cards many years ago when I was in college, I was studying business but my real interest has always been in psychology, astrology, tarot and dreams. I waited a long time to pursue tarot reading professionally. I do not understand how tarot cards work or why they work. I do not believe that you need special powers to read the cards but experience, intuition and an understanding of the symbols on each card opens the doors to a successful interpretation.

It is a good idea to be in a quiet place to have a tarot reading, to be able to free your mind of distractions and concentrate on an issue that you would like some insight into. Tarot cards can give you insight into situations and things that are happening in your life.

I have been a tarot reader for more than 30 years and will be happy to do a reading for you, the cost is $15 for one question via email using a 3 card spread or $50 per hour for a face to face reading on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Many types of readings available.

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Readings are for entertainment only!





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