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Dream of the Week - Two Broken Cups

Dreams and Things that go Click in the Night.

What does my dream mean?

I am an intuitive person, I am not sure that I am that unusual just aware of things that are going on around me.  This week I had an interesting dream and also a night when I felt that someone on the other side was anxious to contact me.

In my dream, I saw a lady filling my dishwasher.  I have been considering moving so it could mean that I move, or it could be that someone stays with me and helps around the house or worse it could mean that I am replaced.  It could be showing that another woman has taken my place in the home!! We will have to wait and see!

On Thursday night as I was cleaning my teeth, I heard a low growling sound, a bit like the noise of a growling stomach. I immediately stepped outside of the bathroom, but I was home alone.  I checked all the doors and windows and went to bed.  At about 2 am I was woken up by the sound of my door clicking, sometimes when the air conditioning is on, it will click once, but the air conditioner was not on and the door clicked deliberately 5 times. Click, click, click, click, click, I was home alone so there was no one else around.  I went back to sleep because I did not want to receive messages in the night, it makes me tired!

That was my week!

Tarot Reading

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Dream Interpretations

I started interpreting dreams when I was a teenager. I always had very detailed dreams and would recount them to my friends. A boyfriend bought me a dream dictionary and I started to delve into interpretation. Unfortunately, I found that many dreams had elements that were contradictory and so I did not get a good understanding of my dream by just using a dictionary.

I realised that different people have different relationships with dream symbols based on experience, their daily lives and culture. A person who keeps snakes will have a different interpretation of a snake dream to a person who has a fear of snakes.

Dreams may have symbols that are good omens or bad omens, understanding the context of the omens will help you to interpret their true meaning for you.

My blog is a series of dreams and interpretations of the elements in each dream to help you to understand how best to interpret your dreams, I am also available to interpret a dream for you.

Do you need a dream interpretation? email me.

Main blog page: What does my dream mean?

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